Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dailyneeds247 is growing!!!

Did you see our new language bar at the top end of our website Yes, you can see that the page translates to 15 different languages. Do you know what it means?
Yes! expands its reach all over India. It now supports languages of over 1.25 billion.(Population of india as per 2016). Now, you can search your products in your own language, click, choose, pay and get what you wanted in a jiffy. makes its all possible.
Many of us admit that we often forget the English translation of many of our grocery items. The next thing most of us would do is google the name of the grocery item in our mothertongue and get the English alternative to it. That’s a lot of process right? Sometimes, even Google ends up making a mistake.So we try to match it up with google images and play a guessing spree.
Not anymore. The translation of into different regional languages was aimed at simplifying your process in selecting your grocery items. Make your shopping easy and quick with Happy shopping!!