Friday, 20 July 2018

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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Monday, 16 July 2018



Indian Market and its Unique Style of Marketing

It has always been found that Indian markets are full of varieties of products. It commences household items to grocery items. The present style of the market has been changed to some extent. The culture of stores and malls has emerged in the Indian marketing styles.
The Emergence of Store System:
It can be well said in this connection that the idea and concept of Indian Supermarket have been changed to some extent. There has been a growth of many stores and malls that keep each and every item for household work.
Keeping in mind the present lifestyle and way of living this type of stores are regarded to be the most convenient one. It is a good concept in the sense that one can get everything under one roof. Even if it is considered the rates are quite reasonable and affordable.
The Functions of Various Stores:
Well, in this context the name of Daily Needs 247 must be mentioned. It is a wonderful store with all the essentials of daily life. This type of stores provides home delivery of products. This is a great advantage.
During the early days, the concept was entirely different. There was no such concept in stores. Thus people had to roam from one shop to another for purchasing things. The whole matter was quite hectic and tiresome at the same time.
Even the online service of ordering products, online payment and home delivery has been a great facility that is provided by this type of stores. The concept is not only awesome but helpful indeed.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Dealing With The Changing Face Of Shopping On Digital Platform
ou are living in a digital-driven world where things can happen at lightning fast speed. The platform is changing the general perception of business and the way people conceive and trade in their daily lives. In addition, the mobile internet and Smartphone can be used to streamline and facilitate a smoother way of life.
You are living in a digital-driven world where things can happen at lightning fast speed. The platform is changing the general perception of business and the way people conceive and trade in their daily lives. In addition, the mobile internet and Smartphone can be used to streamline and facilitate a smoother way of life.
Cause and effect of online shopping:
Since you can buy online, you are in a better position to save money. In fact, online shopping should not only remain confined to apparel and electronic goods, you should also consider buying your grocery items online. By doing so, you will be able to save money because online stores simply send you the products either from their warehouses or from a supplier that helps them to keep the price in control, how?
Just look at your grocery shop that is located in a prime location, you are bound to discover that the store is paying a hefty amount for renting the shop; he is also paying to his staffs too. Combine it with distributor and dealer commissions what you get is a price that covers all his expenses.
That means you are going to pay a lot more than what you would pay online if you choose to buy from e-stores. However, you should find the Best Online Grocery Shopping stores.
Finding the best stores:
Experience and network: the first thing that you need to verify is the store’s experience and their reach. A company with a bigger network can deliver you the products at the right time. A company with a good reach proves that they have a proper supply chain management in place which is the first criteria to run an online store successfully.
Products and brands: You should look at the product range and brands that they offer. A company that deals on a pan-India level will have products from all the major brand lines. Hence, make sure that you give a little time to go through the product list and the categories.
Customer support: You must carry out the transaction with a store that has a good support system. They should be able to answer your questions and address your concerns immediately. In addition, they should be able to take orders through various internet communication channels like e-mail ordering, WhatsApp ordering, and other popular digital methods.
Privacy policy: Finally, you should also give a little time in reading their privacy policy so that you understand their way of operation to avoid any kinds of confusion arising out of misinformed or uninformed decision-making process.
Apparently, if you have been looking for such a site, then you could consider buying from daily needs 247 because the store is serving to a large consumer base. You can read customer reviews to verify their credibility.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

What is a Great Model of Online Supermarket in India

Grocery is the most essential commodity of each house. No one will live without foods, vegetables, soaps, toothpaste, salt, spices & other groceries as well as a food item. Sometimes it is not possible to go out and buy all these from the market. To help in this regards the Online Supermarket is evolved.
The online supermarkets are the online store having all the basic necessity of a house like an offline shop and deliver the grocery directly at the home. The Online Supermarket in India is running in the following basic model to provide doorstep services to its customer
1. Partners:
The supermarket is having a partnership with the manufacturers and the farmers directly. This is because to minimize the middleman cost and expenses. The manufacturers other than the raw vegetable are generally the food processing units. The other partners like logistic, storage, advertisement, web hosting, affiliate marketing are also associated with the Daily Needs 247.
2. Man Power:
The online supermarkets are running with the help of three types of manpower. The first category of manpower is the technicians. They are the website manager, mobile app designers, affiliate marketer and other. The second is the marketing professionals responsible for creating a sale and the third category manpower are logistic purpose do supply the order at the doorstep.
3. Basic work:
The basic work of the online supermarket is very simple. First, the company procured the items from the manufacturer directly at the minimum retail price. Then store at its own go down or hired go down. The next step is to make a proper inventory and maintain the stock accounts. Fourth work is receiving an order through the online website and mobile app. The last step is to deliver the product at the doorstep.
4. Online Promotion:
The online supermarket model works in the online media, so the maximum presence in the different digital media platform increases the sales of the company. The online digital media like social media networks, blogs, newsletters, direct mail promotion, bulk e-mails are the way to reach out to customers.
5. High conversion rate:
The conversion rate is a term highly used in the online marketing. Not all the customers Buy Groceries Online who visits the website or hit the ads online. The ratio between the number of total visitors and actual buyers is the conversion rate. This can be improved up to 50% by providing discount & offer.
The products available in the online supermarket are having a comparatively lower cost than the available in the off shop. This is because the online market directly procured products from the manufacturers and the extra middleman money are going to less through various discounts and offers by the online supermarket. The online supermarket is going to be the future shop for everyone.